January 24, 2023

Where to Stay in Tokyo – Best Places & Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan which is a huge and amazing travel destination with a group of cities connected by the great transport system. Japan is the Most attracted by tourists and wildly creative places in the world. Tokyo city which is the capital of japan named futuristic, rich, traditional heritage, design with minimal style, robot services in restaurants in it. Tourists always look for the Best places to stay in Tokyo and hotels in the budget. 

Tokyo is the best place to start the Journey in Japan by experiencing the street culture, sky crappers, amazing foods, and the history of japan in the city. In the Travelling huge city, you need to stay look and connected in the city with the transport system with a hotel door. Japan Capital City is the collaboration of the 23 districts and 10 million inhabitants in the city. We stayed in hotels and all over Tokyo collected multiple hotels info give you our recommendations with carefully hand picked hotels to help you with your individual stay in budgets. 

In Tokyo, we have gathered information about the best Places to stay in Tokyo and hotels in the budget. Hotels with connectivity transport systems near it. We have listed them in the line in the circle. They are 

  3. UENO 
  6. GINZA 

best places in tokyo map


SHIBUYA is the busiest shopping and transport hub with a younger crowd on the west side of the Yamanote line in Tokyo Centre. You can see the Huge crowd moving in the road and streets with convenient transport connections with road side shops and restaurants with a lot of attractions in youth oriented. Shibuya is the hub for the youngster and adults which is easy to connect with airports and anywhere in the central Tokyo.

best places in tokyo SHIBUYA shopping

SHIBUYA GRAND BELL HOTEL which is the best and highly accommodation services from the Hotel like Bears Room, whimsical stuffed teddies. Single rooms and premiere Double is the best enough room for the maneuver.

best places tokyo SHIBUYA GRAND BELL HOTEL


Trunk Hotel is the best hotel which is the centre of the SHIBUYA Tokyo. You will receive the premiere experience from the Hotel with service like bags carriage, modern design edge farmed culture and swimming pool with ratings and reviews excellent in it.  


SHINJUKU is the centre of Tokyo which located on the west side of the Tokyo station. In the Japan Capital City, biggest transport Hubs and yamanote line. In Shinjuku is also home for the busiest train station which connects throughout the city. You can find the hotels and restaurants in the Shinjuku main tourist hotspot of Tokyo. Shinjuku is surrounded by huge department stores with electronic stores, literally thousands of restaurants, best book shops, Beautiful Public park, Modern Business Skyscrapers, vendor Machine-restaurants, large Shopping malls with shops.  

Shinjuku has the hotel rooms in tourist Hotspot to be more expensive and offer smaller rooms in the precious city like Japan Capital City. Hotel Rooms are less expensive and cheaper when you compare with Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. Japan Capital City is the safest city among the world and solo tourists can walk alone at night. You can spend all day and night by exploring all the best attractions in Tokyo. 


In Tokyo city, PARK HYATT is the best hotel in the entire hotel for five-star legend. You can see the Billboard, elegant design, mount fuji with cocktail bars. You can get the experience the skyscraper, night life, clubs, pubs, premiere features in the range.



It is a 30-story hotel with neon light surrounded by skyscrapers in Tokyo. It has the best service with compact and stylish designed mid-range room with premiere features in the room.



UENO is the Located in the east side of the centre of Japan Capital City. Ueno has the Hotels and Restaurants with far lower rates than the Shinjuku and Harajuku. You can stay here for the beautiful Ueno park view, Tokyo National Museum, National science Museum, Metropolitan Art Museum for Art lovers. People interested in the Art, Museum, galleries, parks and temple can stay here for a while at a cheaper price. you can see the North of the park, which has the Beautiful temples around it. The Yanka area has survived the relocation from all around Japan Capital City during the Big earthquake 1923 that destroyed the Most part of Tokyo. 


It is a good hotel for the local and cheap budget to stay in Japan Capital city. You can say the hotel with good services for the best value for the Money in the centre of the city. It looks for premium and luxury hotels in the local chain in the UENO with food restaurants near it.



ASAKUSA is the Little part of slice of Tokyo and Huge Malls, small shops, eateries, Traditional Atmosphere and restaurants. You can enjoy the older part of the city and a 10 minutes’ walk to the metro station from Ginza. You can enjoy the Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree from Asakusa. You can enjoy the food experience in the Japanese style by chopsticks in the ramen bowls in the restaurants. You can see traditional shops selling handmade ramen bowls in the street.  

Asakusa is the popular district which is recommended to stay for low budget travellers for its inexpensive hostels and small hotels. You can enjoy the old-fashioned experience from the Japanese Temples, rickshaws in the Tokyo street and Yamanote Line. You can easily afford the Hotels and places in Tokyo Asakusa along with friends and family.  


In the GATE HOTEL KAMINARIMON, you can see the futuristic idea and old pleasure district with thunder Gate entrance to the city. In the oldest temple complex with sensoji. You can get multiple tiffin’s and dinner in the eastern Tokyo. French fusion cuisine is special served in the restaurant.



Tokyo Station Area is the first central main hub for public transportation in Japan. Japan is so futuristic for the sky scrapers, hotels, innovation ideas, shops, restaurants near the central Tokyo station area. You can see the Tokyo central station is the Main hub for public transportation in Japan. You can see the transportation hub in the central station in Japan Capital City which is connected with central Tokyo, Disney Tokyo, airports, Tokyo suburbs, Kyoto and other regional cities. You can stay near the Tokyo station area which will be a great choice if you plan to have a stopover in Tokyo for a few days.


 In the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, it is a beautiful building with a skyscraper near the City station. You can find the premium and mid-range rooms in the hotels with the basic and luxury features in the hotel. You can get the excellent hospitality, gym and service with modern comforts in it. You can spend the time with friends and family in the budget and luxury way.



GINZA is the best luxury place to stay in the centre of Japan Capital. You can shop in Japan Capital City to adopt the western style for shopping with local streets, luxury boutiques, world-class hotels and restaurants and business women. You can buy anything in the luxury goods which are plenty affordable restaurants around the area. Gina is the best place for tourists after Shinjuku and Tokyo station. 

In the Tokyo station which is near the Ginza spectacular neighbourhood with most fantastic shops with light shows for the shoppers. Ginza is famous for the pedestrian heaven walk in the street. 


You can have a look for the hotel which is the most unique and beautiful hotel in japan capital City. It is in an excellent location with an imperial palace. Hotel has good connectivity with Bus, Airport with metro train station, fitness centre, super rooms in the view.



ROPPONGI is the most popular and famous for entertainment for the exotic nightlife. You can experience the night life in the galleries, shopping centres and theatres. You can check the most international part of Japan Capital City with wealthy foreign businessmen coming for parties and dinner in the restaurants in the English. 

You can look for the strong staying in the Roppongi for the great nightlife, plenty of attractions highly in it. Roppongi consists of the clubs, pubs, nightlife, dinner and restaurants for the tourists and visitors.    



Grand Hyatt is the best hotel of the Tokyo Biggest luxury hotel in Tokyo. You can see the Top view of the entire city in the Roppongi district. In Tokyo, hotels have shopping, nightlife, galleries in the families and business for visitors. You can enjoy the family and friends in the hotel premium and experience in the luxury range. 


These are most of the part of the centre of Tokyo with most of the connectivity, transportation, nightlife and restaurants in the sky crappers. You can look for the most of the part from this area which are covered by the multiple restaurants and hotels for the Tourists and visitors in the city. you can visit Tokyo in the mid-season of April and May. You need to book for the advance booking for the hotels and travel which is busy online.

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