January 27, 2023
places in spanish

The 15 Best Places to Visit in Spain: Places in Spanish

Spain has become one of the world’s most famous vacations for travellers, and for good reason! Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, this gorgeous Mediterranean country provides different experiences, from lounging on the sand, to restful walks through the breathtaking countryside, to historical and contemporary monuments designed by renowned Spanish architecture and artists.

best places to visit in spain

Assume the best place to visit in spain Moorish castles, masterpieces of the Spanish Revival, and eccentric contemporary sculpture, and in any corner, Spain is sure to get something to catch the eye. You should unwind in a nearby cafe with a sangria lesson and some tasty tapas after a long day of exploring the sights. Take a look at our pick of the 15 best locations in Spain to visit.

List Of The Below 15 Beautiful Places To Visit In Spain:

1. Tenerife:

Tenerife in spain

Tenerife might spain visiting places call to mind vacation packages and seas, but there is so much to this Canary Island near West Africa. The lunar environments are incredibly unique and its volcano peaks. Hills Teide is the tallest mountain in Spain and is situated within the Teide Nature Reserve, where you can discover the strange crater landscapes and prehistoric lava flows, the most special geological jewels in Spain.

2. Alicante:

Alicante in spain

Alicante is a prime coastal resort in spanish places due to its water, sea and mountainous peaks. But while many international visitors fly to the airport in the city and then depart for hotels anywhere along the coast, it is worth visiting Alicante in itself. The port city has a bustling beach mostly with spectacular Mount Benacantil as a backdrop; Santa Bárbara Fortress is home to this mountainous peak’s summit. In the evenings, stroll by the city marina and instead try out some of the old town’s good restaurants.

3. Barcelona:

places in spain beautiful Mediterranean venues, classic architectural design and cosmopolitan environment, Spain’s second city is an enduring favourite with tourists. Go gaga at Sagrada Familia and Park Güell for Gaudí, and search out many of the less well appears to work of the architect, including such Casa Batlló. For dazzling views through the city to the sea below, take the ride up to Mount Tibidabo; the Tibidabo Amusement Park, established in 1905, must be visited by roller coaster ride lovers. The hill is also a perfect spot for walking or biking.

4. Granada:

Granada in spain

place in spain Granada has a beautiful mediaeval castle, snow capped mountains and twisting cobbled lanes. Granada is just like a Disney fairytale coming to life. The Alhambra is among the most popular attractions in Spain, even with valid reason. The Moorish palace stands high above the town and features a few of the country’s greatest Islamic art and architecture. Don’t skip Sacromonte, a white cave area that clings to the mountain side where even the gypsy culture of the city initially existed and where flamenco musicians flourished.

5. San Sebastian:

San Sebastian in spain

This beautiful city mostly on coast including its Basque Country is mostly for food lovers; the pintxo is really the gastronomic call sign of the area, a Basque variant of tapas that generally contains tasty morsels presented on toasted bread, and the Old Town restaurants set out their pintxos on the bar tops then you can see something on sale. Concha Beach in the town is a lovely, shell-shaped cove famous with family, while boarding is better on the nearby Zurriola beach.

6. Seville:

Seville tripadvisor, southern Spain’s capital of Andalusia, is renowned for its vibrant flamenco cultural identity. Take part in a showing to truly enjoy this vociferous, dramatic and mystical artistic expression in one of the cosy little flamenco bars of the area. Learn about the history of seville tripadvisor with a travel to something like the Real Alcázar, a well-preserved sample of Mudéjar architectural design that Spanish rulers have added over the months and take in the new architecture of the region at the Metropol Parasol, A big wooden structures which in the summer, presents much-needed shading.

7. Cordoba:

Cordoba in spain

Mostly during Moorish rule of Spain in the young Ages, Cordoba has been the most powerful city and that was home to the magnificent Grand Mosque of Cordoba. The mosque nowadays is the cathedral of the city, but it preserves many of its Islamic architecture. The town centre of Cordoba is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is home to the Roman Bridges of the region, quaint cobblestone streets and some interesting architectural objects.

8. Valencia:

The paella home is a perfect spot to taste what has become the most popular dish in Spain. Travel to a restaurant on the beach, appreciate the rice dish for lunch and wash it all down with a strong local cava drink, Agua de Valencia. Explore the town center of Valencia and therefore don’t skip the stunning, spacecraft City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, a modern complex throughout the old river bottom of the city that houses an aquarium, an opera house, an IMAX cinema.

9. Madrid:

For a weekend holiday, Spain’s capital is a perfect destination. The golden triangle of art museums in Madrid houses some of the most beautiful paintings in Europe, from Picasso’s Guernica to Las Meninas by Velázquez. The town is home to the Royal Palaces, Europe’s largest palace in terms of size, and that you can explore different churches, shops and restaurants on every corner. The neighbourhood of La Latina is home with some of the most popular great restaurants in the region and is a perfect location for a tapas crawl.

10. Galicia:

Galicia in spain

You might think of dry fields and sun-soaked beaches whenever you assume of Spain, but really the northwestern area of Galicia looks very much like Ireland than the traditional Spanish stereotypical. The landscapes are beautiful and peaceful, and there is a heavy Celtic impact: Galicia is full of stories and myths. The Romans found the edge of the globe to be its western Cape Finisterre mountains. Explore the wilder ranges of the area by exploring the Cies Islands, a wildlife sanctuary archipelago that is a part of the Galicia National Park of the Atlantic Islands.

11. The Pyrenees:

The Spanish Pyrenees are the perfect destination for you if you enjoy climbing, skiing or charming mountainous villages. There are roofed homes and healthy local food on sale, while Spanish ski areas are an ideal alternative to the Alps’ busier and more luxurious resorts.

12. Almeria:

Almeria in spain

An extraordinary wasteland of sandy, dry expanses and rock formations, with a lovely Moorish city, Almeria, is Europe’s only desert area. The scenery so starts to resemble the American Wild West that its classic Westerns, along With the Good, the Poor and the Nasty, were shot by director Sergio Leone here. A stunning coastal region that includes salt pans, gorgeous beaches, and sanitised coastal villages is the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park.

13. Ronda:

Ronda is a stunning high mountain village in southern Spain near Malaga. It is most notable for the Puente Nuevo, a bridge of stone that crosses the canyon of El Tajo, a significantly sharp drop that divides Ronda’s new and existing cities. The city is also home to Spain’s oldest bullring, the Plaza de Toros de Ronda, however during his summer vacation, Ernest Hemingway viewed several bullfights.

14. Ibiza:

Ibiza in spain

For its bars, the White Isle is popular, although its natural look is underestimated. Ibiza is home to very little coastal villages and peaceful seas, away from either the mega-clubs, and has been a top location for meditation and relaxation getaways in recent times. So, Ibiza is a perfect summer tourist spot, whether you’d like to party all night or to relax and revitalise.

15. La Rioja:

Spanish wines have become increasingly popular, and none of them is more famous or beloved than Rioja. Hundreds of Spanish wineries are home to the area from the same title, including many that offer tours and wine tastings. A fantastic base and home to tapas bars based around Calle Laurel and its nearby roads, Logroño is the capital of the city.


This would be the collection of Spain’s greatest, most amazing places to visit and the Finest activities to do. We’ll take you well all the way across the Spanish Peninsula from either the north-east coast of the Costa Brava.


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