January 27, 2023

Awesome Free Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Those who say the greatest things are free in general. With that feeling, we’re not really 100 percent on board, but not everyone in Melbourne would have cost a lot of cash. There have been a lot of things to do i Melbourne to have in this beautiful town that you’re doing for fun, from art galleries to wine tastings. Easy, yep. Zilch. Zilch. Hey. Nada. Dollars Nil. We also selected the perfect comedy shows, festivals, free art exhibitions and programs, so without paying a penny, you will have a great fun evening in Melbourne.

Things to Do in Melbourne

While your wallet is missing or it just seems a small light, don’t worry because you do not even have to be a huge spender to see all that Melbourne Things To Do has to offer. And though you will be paying for this with the town’s world-class coffee, it is free for some of you to experience the below  events and attractions.

Free Fun Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia:

1. National Gallery of Victoria:

Travelling up St Kilda Route, on your left, you would most encounter a monumental bluestone construction. The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) was developed by Sir Roy Grounds and has a collection of even more than 73,000 artworks. Seeing the world’s biggest stained-glass ceiling, that also imposes a kaleidoscope of colours onto the exhibition floor, start your journey through the arched entry, behind the torrent of water and towards the Great Hall. NGV also maintains galleries and special occasions in addition to its permanent collection, such as those in the annual Melbourne Cold weather Masterpieces series.

National Gallery of Victoria

2. Go on a public sculpture search:

Another of Australia’s most popular sculptors is Deborah Halpern. She is well known for her beautiful mosaic sculptures, among which three are always on display in Things To Do Melbourne. At Werribee Mansion, there’s Angel (1987)at Birrarung Marr, Ophelia (1992)at Southgate, and Gateway to Another Time and Place (2005). Other government sculptures to look for in Melbourne would include Eagle of Bruce Armstrong (2002) as well as the Cow up a Tree of John Kelly (1999) in Docklands, The Common Purse of Simon Perry (1994) from outside GPO building, The falling house of Petrus Spronk, identified as the Historical Fragment (1992), just outside of the Victoria State Library.

3. Wander around the Royal Gardens of Botany:

In the peaceful paradise that is the Royal Botanic Gardens, avoid the buzz of Melbourne’s public streets. The spacious gardens, spread over 94 acres, include a selection of 10,000 species, both indigenous and introduced. There’s enough space to lounge and unwind with 11 lawns. There is also a 3.8-kilometer (2.4-mile) walking track that surrounds the garden, recognised as The Tan’.

Wander around the Royal Gardens of Botany

4. At The Wheeler Centre, get motivated:

The Wheeler Center, a centre for Victorian authors, is focused on promoting and discovering the literary landscape of Australia. Visitors are encouraged to join in events and listen to keynote speakers. The free Lunchbox/Soapbox collection, which offers a forum for intelligent people to exchange storeys and thoughts, is available every Thursday at lunchtime.

5. State Library of Victoria:

Victoria’s Things To Do In Melbourne State Library is undeniable. You could not deny the elegance from the time you first set eyes on it but the exterior can not compare with the beauty found inside. The domed Reading Space of La Trobe is exquisite, with good lighting streaming through the skylights of the dome. As the light source generated by artificial insemination pulls you in the La Trobe Room doesn’t really disappoint in the evening. There’s just no better spot for your favourite novel to be read. And with more than 2 million books found in the local library stock, you will have no trouble locating it; if it doesn’t fill your hunger, then indulge in any of the thousands of magazines, manuscripts, audio, video and multimedia content on hand covering a century of the heritage and traditions of Victoria. With free tour guides open, the State Library is also host to wonderful artworks and exhibits.

State Library of Victoria

6. Meander around the Market of Queen Victoria:

Via the Queen Victoria Market’s historical sheds, Mosey finds new fruit, hot donuts, souvenirs, homeware and more spread across the several different precincts of the market. Single Wednesday night around November and April, there’s even a night market. With live music, delectable food carts and late-night shops, the markets come alive.

7. Explore ACMI’s ‘Screen Worlds’:

Display Worlds is a person derived exhibition that tells the ever-evolving storey of the digital picture, situated within ACMI (the Australian Center for the Moving Image) in Federation Square. Items, props and memorabilia are included in the immersive show. This shows the basic Play School clock (1966-present), the Oscar to she role inside The Aviator (2004) by Cate Blanchett, and costumes worn by Kylie Minogue, Dame Edna and Heath Ledger.

8. Taking the City Loop Tram for a drive:

Trams are an important part of the townscape of Melbourne. The major Town Circle Tram helps visitors to ride across the city as well as Melburnians, jumping on and off as they wish. The ancient W-class tram fleet operates along La Trobe, Flinders, Season, Nicholson and Victoria Road, serving the central business district of Melbourne. There is also an audio guide on board; the highlights at each destination are unveiled and fascinating details along the way.

9. Listen to music live:

Local residents in Melbourne enjoy listening to live music. Mercifully, if you are strapped for money, this is one event you wouldn’t have to skip. In the city’s ACDC Street, the Cherry Bar calls itself with the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll bar.” Throughout the week, it gives free admissions and also attracts big-name after-parties and rock stars. The Esplanade in St Kilda, which now has free access most nights and is the spot to catch new rock artists, is another choice.

Listen to music live

10. Discover the history of aviation at the RAAF Museum:

The RAAF Museum, just 25 minutes journey from Melbourne, information the storey of Australian aviation and is entirely free to enter. Tour the hulls to see the exhibits and permanent exhibits. The immersive Flying Shows will be every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in which you can observe heritage aircraft taking off.

11. At a festival, enjoy yourself:

The schedule of activities in Melbourne is full of cultural events during the year, each of which give free things to do in Melbourne enjoyment in addition to charged events. There must be Moomba in March, which would be the biggest free community event in Australia. Firework displays, celebs monarchs, a parade, and carnivals and sports abound every night. Other famous city festivals have included the Global Comedy Festival of Melbourne, the International Film Festival of Melbourne, The Authors’ Festival in Melbourne, the Melbourne Fringe as well as the Melbourne Carnival.

12. Explore The Southbank of Melbourne:

The Southbank entertainment area runs along its Yarra River between Princes Bridge to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre which features some of Melbourne’s biggest hotels, high-end stores and the Crown Casino. Taking a stroll along the promenade, where you’ll see buskers and look out at the skyline of Melbourne. Wonder at night at the Gas Brigades of Crown Casino, which shoot lightning bolts high up in the air every hour.

Explore The Southbank of Melbourne

13. At the Koorie Heritage Trust, read more about Aboriginal culture:

The Koorie Heritage Trust, based at Federation Square, is an authentic and immersive Aboriginal hub. Via its exhibits, it aims to inform tourists about aboriginal culture. The Koorie Heritage Trust is free to enter and is open 7 days a week to showcase the work of contemporary Aboriginal artists.

14. Discover lovely views from rooftop bars:

At a height, the spectacular views of the city are located, rendering rooftop bars the perfect places to take in a sunset and watching as the lights turn on around the cityscape of Melbourne. And even a variety of sophisticated cocktails, Siglo provides views of St Patrick’s Cathedral and Parliament Building. You’ll be very much welcome to treat yourselves to a cocktail or two whenever the bar arrives with a view, and other choices like Madame Brussels and Naked in the Sky.

15. Explore the paths of colourful street art:

For artists searching for urban sculptures, the maze of streets and alleys that loop themselves through Melbourne have been one of the most looked after real estate. Splashed in saturated colors, Duckboard Place’s spectacular murals, along with Hosier, Union and ACDC Lanes, are open to creative creativity and render backdrops deserving of Instagram.

Explore the paths of colourful street art


Culture locations are required to reopen, and restaurants and coffee shops will provide dine-in facilities, according to guidance from the Health department. Any limitations exist and physical mechanisms of distancing remain in place.

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