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The Top 10 Things To Do In Broome, Western Australia

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things to do in broome

While they are going to travel in broome wa Australia, mostly not that too many people explore Western Australia. All the way up north to the Kimberley area, where Broome is situated, still less venture. Broome is remote, that was for sure; Derby, a three-hour journey east, and Port Hedland, 6 hours west, are indeed the nearest cities. The township of Broome, though, has plenty of great stuff to sell. From rare ethnic encounters and naturally beautiful in show-stopping. If you’re backpacking in Australia or only searching for a special spot to get some winter sun!

Top 10 Things To Do In Broome

This places are most hidden vacation in broome weather Western Australia is right upon its doorstep of the Indian Ocean. broome weather is a seaside resort and pearl city inside this Kimberley region of Australia, filled with colors and natural phenomenon, famous for sunset camel riding and having to walk along dinosaur tracks.

List of the below top 10 places in Broome,Western Australia:

1. Cable Beach:

The famous 22-kilometre strip of sandy beaches known as Cable Beach is among Broome’s many famous destinations. There have been numerous sunrise and sunset camel racing possible along the northern ends of such beach, actually obtained its name via the telegraph cable that linked Australia’s North West with either the rest of the globe, lies between Broome and Java. There seems to be an area going north of the stones where four-wheel ride motorcycles are allowe

d, while the beach’s southern end leads you to Gantheaume Point. The low cliffs of red ochre accompany this flat, broad beach and turquoise waters, providing a completely unparalleled encounter and sighting.

Cable Beach Broome

2. Dampier Peninsula:

The Things To Do In Broome Dampier Peninsula, an open forest and beautiful beaches that makes for the ideal trip for any adventurous travelling, lies just north of broome weather. The famous Cape Leveque is situated in the northernmost coast of the malay peninsula, where you would fully discover and observe the fascinating history, culture and way of life of the native Peoples. There is much to discover, whether you walk along the gorgeous beaches, hire a dinghy, or dive and snorkel in the sparkling waters.

Dampier Peninsula Broome

3. Horizontal Falls:

This natural phenomena, also recognized as Horizontal Waterfalls, has indeed been identified by David Attenborough as among the grandest wonders of the modern world.’ The falls reversal each time the tide shifts course along the coast of the Kimberley area, further forming massive tidal whirlpools even within McLarty Range. Thousands of tourists go to the range on charter boats, believed to be nearly 1.8 billion years ago, Sea flights and private boats are up to five metres in height to see the breathtaking drop.

Horizontal Falls Broome

4. Gantheaume Point:

Broome Australia identifies the dinosaur footprints at the southernmost end of Cables Beach at Gantheaume Stage, which are thought to have been up to 130 million years old. Planning to head through what was being said to be one of the finest paleontological sites around the world, you can see these footprints at low tides; and there are plaster casts including its original prints preserved in the rocks at the top of the mountain for anyone who comes at a high tide. You could not only notice dinosaur footprints from the Gantheaume Point Lighthouse, but you could still also watch dolphins and migrant whales.

5. Broome Bird Observatory:

Created in 1988, the Broome Bird Observation tower is the perfect paradise for bird lovers all along the coasts of Roebuck Bay. The observatory is committed to migration patterns and shorebird events along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, and seeing birds arrive after even a non-stop 10,000-kilometre trip between August and October. There have been plenty of birds to watch out at both inside and outside the observation tower, remaining in the area until March/April the preceding year.

Broome Bird Observatory

6. Japanese cemetery:

Dating from the early quarrying days, the Japanese Cemetery of Broome is Australia biggest of all its sort. Walking via the cemetery will take you to experience the strong relations formed between Japan and broome weather there in the beginning of the 20th century with the very first mentioned burial from 1896 still visible today. There’re many 707 tombs in the cemetery with 919 people trapped inside, including a big stone obelisk that will allow you to recognize those who perished at sea during the cyclone of 1908.

Japanese cemetery Broome

7. Rowley Shoals:

A group of four atoll-like marine ecosystems with spectacular aquatic life and pure lagoons lies south of even the Timor Sea, making it ideal for water sports activities. Mermaid Reef sits at the northeast ends of the reef, then Clerke Reef, and Imperieuse Reef at the southernmost end, providing a true wilderness of waters that is home to a number of corals, mollusks, fish and aquatic mammals, ranging from sandy beaches and marine mammals to dolphins and whales, some of which may be endemic to Australia.

Rowley Shoals Broome

8. Sun Picture Gardens:

Sun Pics, set up in 1913, is the first, even now, outdoor theatre in broome weather that will have truly special evenings. Sun Pictures displays several movies a night, unlike many other outdoor movies, allowing you to relax on the old canvas wooden chairs, maybe under the stars or under the shelters, or even on the grassed field toward the front of the projector. Be sure to buy popcorn, fruit juices, ice cream or something that appeals to you before the films start.

9. Willie creek Pearl Farm:

There in pristine ocean areas of Broome Western Australia, the lengthy pearling sector continues to flourish. If you want to explore the world of pearls, a trip to Willie Creek Pearl Farming is suggested. This is among the few locations you can buy your own kind of Australian South Sea pearl along its coast, making some more of the world’s highest and greatest grade pearls, varying in size from nine millimetres to 20 mm.

Willie creek Pearl Farm Broome

10. Roebuck Bay And Staircase to the  Moon:

Several of the most stunning sights in Broome, apart from Cable Beach, are identified as the ‘Stairwell to the Moon’. Roebuck Bay is home to amazing wildlife that wanders along its red pristine beaches, forests and open woodlands along the coastline of the Kimberley region. In the colder months, it is along a bay where the amazing natural phenomena of the full moon’s appearance on the tidal flats can be observed.

Roebuck Bay And Staircase to the Moon Broome


In Broome, there’re many hundreds of things to do and odds are you need much more than another visit to do some of them. There must be plenty of cool outdoor activities to do in Broome, including seeing the Staircase to the Moon at high waves, exploring the landscapes of Roebuck Bay or cliff jumping at Gantheaume Point.

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