March 22, 2023

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad : Complete Tour Guide

Salar Jung Museum is the best places to start experience the history of Hyderabad. Salar Jung Museum is the biggest place with largest artifacts which are collected by the Salar Jung Family and later the Government has made the decision to showcase it to the public. Salar Jung Museum is the nearest place of another biggest tourists’ destinations like Charminar, High Court, Mecca Masjid, State Central Library etc. It is also known third largest museum in the entire country.

Salar Jung Museum has the Rich and Glorious Past collection which has million artifacts, paintings, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artefacts and clocks by the Salar Jung Family. Salar Jung III is an adventurer travelled around the Globe in the 19th century and 20th century, collection various artifacts, paintings and sculptures from the china, Bruna, Nepal, India, Persia, Egypt, Europe and North the Museum, you can see the collection of the portion was acquired by Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan called as Salar Jung III. In the year 1915 Salar Jung Museum is constructed by the Family and 1914 Salar Jung III Gave up post of prime Minister H.E.H at that time.


NAWAB MIR OSMAN ALI KHAN devoted the rest of his life in collecting and enriching the treasures of the ART and Literature.  Rare objects and Arts are collected around the period of Forty years. It is known as “one-man collection” in the entire world which was wrongly taken at that time. Salar Jung Museum has a collection of artifacts, sculpture, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artefacts, carpets, clocks and furniture from various places. You can see 38 Galleries with various precious artifacts in it. Library with Rare collection of 8,000 Manuscripts and 60,000 Printed books, 40k books are collected by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III and his ancestors. You can see the Tipu sultan wardrobe, Daggers of shah Jahah and Jehangir, Aurangzeb’s sword, painting of raja ram Mohan Roy. 

Salar Jung Museum Location, Entry Fee, Tickets, Timings, Contact Details 

Salar Jung Museum belongs to the Salar Jung Family which is given to the Government of India. Later, Prime Minister Nehru was shown to showcase the artifacts and museums opened for the public. Salar Jung Museum is located near the River Musi of Hyderabad, near Minar Function Hall, Darulshifa, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002 India. It is closed by the Government During Lockdown. Salar Jung Museum authority announced the Timings to Visit the Museum and Friday museum is closed and remaining all days it is opened. 

For Indians – INR 50/- 

For Foreign – INR 500/- 

Free for students with ID cards (upto 18 YRS) 

50% Concession for Defence personnel in the uniform & organized Kisan parties 

50 INR for Still Camera. 

From Morning 9:00 am – 5:00 pm 

For More details you can still contact the website: Salar Jung Museum 

Collections of Salar Jung Museum 

Salar Jung Family has maintained the various collections from the distinct places around the world. Salar Jung Museum has a collection of 43,000 art objects and 9000 manuscripts with 47000 printed books. Museum has 38 galleries in the two floors which widely spread across narrow walkways. Collection in the museum has Indian Art, Eastern Art, European Art, children Art and Rare Manuscript section. 

Museum has antique clocks which belong to 19th century British musical clocks. Clock was sold by Cooke which grabbed the attention of the visitors and tourists around the world. Veiled Rebecca which is the marble statue which was created by the Italian sculptor G B benzoin in the year 1876 and was brought by Salar Jung while travelling from the trip to Italy and attracts most of the attention.

collections of salar jung museum

Irony chairs which are presented by Tipu Sultan of Mysore by Louis XVI of France. Jade books stand, Dagger of Jehangir and Fruit knife of Noorjehan are decorated with precious stones. Arabic and Persian Manuscripts are well preserved and Lilawati Valuable medical encyclopaedia belong to ancient India. Western section of the Gallery displays objects from countries like France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Ireland. You can see the rare objects from Japan, Burma, China, Thailand, Korea, Nepal, Indonesia, Syria and Egypt in the eastern section.

salar jung museum knives

Library of Salar Jung Museum 

Salar Jung Museum is the largest museum which displays the rare collection from the various places collected in the family. In the museum you can see the 8,000 manuscripts and 60,000 printed books are the best libraries in the world. Major books are being collected by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan and Salar Jung III by his ancestors. It has the amazing display of the calligraphy and ornamentation by the Book Binder, artists and calligraphers. Manuscripts in the Language such as Arabic, Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Persian, Urdu and Dakhni various subjects are written in the manuscripts with gold, Lump and other. Manuscripts are on varied media such as Textile, Palm leaf, paper, stone, wood and even glass which have covered various topics from science, medicine, to games, Music and ethics have been covered.


Salar Jung Museum Library boats of the equally enviable collection of the printed books in the English section of 40,000 books, oriental section has 19,000 books, 13,000 books are in the language of the Urdu, 3500 in the Persian language, some of them are in 2500 Arabic language and 160 in the Turkish language. 

Galleries of Salar Jung Museum

It has collected various types of artifacts, sculptures, weapons, knives and swords from various places from India and other countries. Here are the Galleries of the Salar Jung Museum mentioned from the authority and details about the Gallery.


In the Gallery of the Salar Jung Museum you can see the Founders Gallery which displays the portraits and items that are belonging to the royal family of the Salar Jung. You can see the portraits of Mir Alam, Munir-ul-Mulk II, Salar Jung II, Salar Jung I, Salar Jung III. You can see the Bronze items, ranging from figures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, coins belonging to varied decades and items such as decorative chains, lamps etc.

minor art carvings

You can see the Minor Arts of south India like wood carvings from India, metal Ware and irvy carvings in it. Indian sculptures made out of stone from the 3rd century AD from the Kakatiya Period along with various Jain Figures can be seen here. You can see the ivory chairs and other objects ranging from the Mysore Tipu sultan by Louis XVI France which are bedsteads, carved paper cutters, decorative boxes to animal figures. Section as displays an extensive kind of arms used in bygone eras, Quma which are hunting Daggers and carved swords with diamond quillons along with weapons belonging to Mughal king Aurangzeb, Bahadur Shah and Tipu Sultan.

Jade Gallery

Jade Gallery has the Jehangir’s Jade dagger and Noorjehan’s Fruit Knife which is decorated with various other precious stones. Jade book-stand with the title of Mughal emperor Shahjahan on it. You can see the paintings from the Mughal Miniatures, Deccan Qalam, Jain kalpasutra from 14th century and 15th century attract every art lover. You can see the finest artists’ works including from renowned painters such as Raja Ravi Varma, Abanindranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore M.F. Hussain, K.K Hebbar, K S Kulkarni and Many More.

salar jung museum king sword

You can see the various Tea sets, Plates, vases from the Japanese arts such as satsuma Ware and Japanese embroideries, Lacquer works along with samurai swords with Katan Large sword and (small sword) Wakizashi. You can also see the various sculptures on the Buddhist Sculptures along with sculptures of Samurai Warriors. You can see the Original Statue of the Veiled Rebecca which was bought by Salar Jung Museum I and Major attraction is from European Clocks.

European Clocks

Things to keep in mind while visit near Salar Jung Museum

You need to keep in mind before you visit this place and stay aware of this restriction in the Salar Jung Museum. 

  1. Smoke is prohibited within the museum premises.
  2. Stop touching the items on display.
  3. You cannot use the cell phones in the museum.  
  4. These Items are not allowed inside like knives, razors, lighters, matchboxes and other. 
  5. You need to wear the mask and complete sanitized

Salar Jung Museum is the best place to experience the History of India and the City of Hyderabad. You can see the paintings, Galleries, Arms and Armour, Clocks, Ancient Manuscripts and Rare Objects in the Museum. It is closed During Lockdown and opened during recent unlock by the Government. You need to visit the Museum with full preparations from the outside.

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