March 22, 2023

Which city is known as the Manchester of India?

Manchester of India is Ahmedabad 

In the 18thcentury, the industrial revolution took the world by storm in the industry and flourished with the cotton textile industry. Manchester was one of the cities that became the most famous for major production of textile manufacturing in the world. Manchester of India is Ahmedabad which is a developed city through industry revolution by the cotton and textile industry. Ahmedabad is very rich with its beautiful location, plenty of architectural moments, centuries of old traditions and deeply rooted history.

Manchester of India is Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is known for its 600-year-old walled city of Ahmedabad founded by Ahmed shah, later UNESCO has recognised India’s world heritage city. Ahmedabad has freedom fighters. People stood for peace as landmark city where Mahatma Gandhi Began India’s freedom struggle and Sardar Vallabh Patel fought for Independence in the country.

Manchester Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is home for freedom fighters and also the fifth largest city in the country which ranks top in education. Ahmedabad is located on the Bank river of Sabarmati which helped to boast the marvellous architecture with rich history and authentic culture, industrial revolution in the cotton and textile manufacturing, economic development in the city.  Ahmedabad is connected with the major cities of the country through waterways and road in the India which is way to shipping goods of finished goods to other parts of the world.


Ahmedabad is very rich in the cultural, industrial revolution, history and economic development in the country. In Ahmedabad city every festival is celebrated with the greatest enthusiasm which is very well decorated and ornamented everyone with their culture and traditions with full heart. Ahmedabad has the first textile mill to be established in the year 1861 which is a huge success for many businesses followed these footsteps in the textile industry. In the history, the city Karnavati is renamed to Ahmedabad by the sultan Ahmed shah. Later, Akbar in 1573 city made a hub for the commercial trades with textiles and gained significance important in the British rule with the Railway line which connected the Bombay city.

Ahmedabad temple

Ahmedabad is the top manufacturer of the cotton textiles and oldest mills in the country. Ahmedabad is sitting next to the river Sabarmati which helped in the cotton threads easily. Ahmedabad earned the title of Manchester of India because uncompromised quality of the textiles. Best Time to visit the Manchester of India is Ahmedabad to have great experiences in the month of March-May and November-February. Here are places that we recommended you to visit in the Manchester of India are Stepwells Adalaj, Sarkhej Roza, Kankaria Lake attracted many tourists in Ahmedabad. 

Manchester of North India is Kanpur

Kanpur is the Manchester of North India which is located in Uttar Pradesh in the Northern part of the country. Kanpur is the Largest city which is divided into two districts of Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat which is famous for textile and leather in the country. Kanpur is a developed industrial centre which is located in the Ganga river Basin in the city. Kanpur has the seventeen Big-cotton textile mills which provide livelihood for millions of people and also helped increase economic development of every citizen in the city.  That is the reason Kanpur is called as “Manchester of India”.

Manchester of North India is Kanpur

Kanpur is the Manchester of North India was established on the banks of river Ganga over an area of At the time of European businessmen recognised the importance of business in this site and started establishing themselves there. Later, Kanpur became famous for the military stations during colonial rule in India. Kanpur is the fifth Largest city and seventh largest city in the world. In Kanpur, people around this place have never slept with hungry people and worked very hard in the industry to improve the economic development in the city. Later, British established another number of factories like HAL, Indian Ordnance factories near Kanpur. 

Manchester of South India is Coimbatore 

Coimbatore is a city in south India which is in Covai District in the Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is famous for its textile industry in south India, selling benaras, kachiverram and designer sarees. Coimbatore is also known as Manchester of South India which is located in the north west and centuries-old Dravidian-style is very well preserved from centuries and followed by these people in the region.

Manchester of South India is Coimbatore

Coimbatore is the place in the Tamil Nadu is the part of the ancient River Noyyal civilization which is the tributary river of the Cauvery river which helped to grow industrial economic development and industrial movement. Coimbatore is surrounded with agriculture, spices, cornelian jewellery and cotton textiles were exported from kongunad to Rome. From centuries, cotton farmers migrated from the Telugu parts of the empire to the Tamil speaking Kongunad Region over the next 200 years. Coimbatore has the places to visit which has attracted millions from the various places around the world with Arulmigu Subramaniyaswami Temple, Marudamalai Temple, vydehi falls, Monkey Waterfalls, Adiyogi Shiva statue velliangiri Hill temple and Kodiveri Dam.  

Manchester is a place with rich heritage with cotton and textile manufacturing industry in the country and exported to other countries. We have multiple places in the country which produce cotton and textile manufacturing which increased the wealth of the cities. Manchester of India is Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Kanpur places produce the textile which increases the wealth of the cities and culture in the city.

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