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Longest River in India: List of Top 10 Largest Rivers

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longest rivers in india

India is the sub-continent of Asia and known as Land of Rivers flowing across the country. India is the Land of Rivers and these play key roles in the economic development of the country. Rivers are worshipped in the form of gods and goddesses sacred by the Hindus people. Rivers in India are divided into two namely Himalayan Rivers which are originated by Himalayas and other natural water from ground which are feed by Rain called as Peninsular River. 

In India, most of the Rivers flow from eastwards and drain into Bay of Bengal, other flow from east to the west Narmada, Mahi and Tapti River. Some of the Rivers are connected with others Rivers other points in the country. Ganga is the longest River in India and Total distance covered within India. 


river GANGA

Ganga is the most sacred river which originates from the Gangotri Glacier in the Uttarakhand and it starts at the junction of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers in the Devprayag. Ganga is the worshipped Goddess by the Hindus. Ganga is the Longest River in India and Length of the River around 2525 Km in India. Here are the Tributaries of the Ganga on the left tributaries – Ramganga, Garra, Gomti, Ghaghara, Gandak, Burhi Gandak Koshi, Mahananda. On the Right tributaries of the Ganga – Yamuna, Tamsa, Pupun, Kiul, Karamnasa, Chandan. Ganga covers various states namely Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Ganga river Finally ends in the Bay of Bengal.



 Godavari is the second longest River in India which originated from Trimbakeshwar, Nasik in Maharashtra. Godavari is the second longest river with a total distance of 1465 Kilometres. Godavari travels across these states Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh which finally meets with the Bay of Bengal. Godavari has some of the tributaries on the left Bank which includes the banganga, Kadva, Shivana, Purna, Indravati and Sabari river. On the Right tributaries of the river- Nasardi, Darns, Manjira and Manair. In the State of Telangana, Sri Ram Sagar Dam is built over this river to fulfil the irrigation requirements of some districts of the Telangana that are Adilabad, Nizamabad and Karimnagar for the Irrigation facilities. Basara is the temple of the Saraswati temple which is the second oldest temple of Goddess Saraswathi in India. 


river YAMUNA

Yamuna is the Third longest river in India and Originated from the Yamunotri Glacier at the Bander Poonch Peak in the Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand. Yamuna River is the longest Tributary River of Ganga and also called as Jamuna. Yamuna river flows through major states which are Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Yamuna River is the Third Longest with distance of 1376 Kilometres which has left tributaries of Hindon, Sharda, Sasur Khaderi, hanuman Ganga and on the Right Tributaries are Chambal, Betwa, Giri, Rishiganga and Sindh.


river Narmada

Narmada River is the Largest river which originated in the Amarkantak Range of mountains in Madhya Pradesh. Narmada is the fourth Longest River in the country which covers a distance of 1312 Kilometres dissolve in the Arabian sea. Narmada River is known as “Life line of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat ” which water body flows through this state helps in the irrigation and economical development in the country. Narmada River has the left tributaries are Buehner River, Banjar River, Sher River, Shakkar River, Tawa River Kaveri River, Goi River. On the Right Tributaries are Hiran River, Tendoni River, Choral River and Hatni River. Narmada River has several Names like Rewa, Nerbudda.



Krishna is the fourth longest river in the country which originated in the Mahabaleshwar from an old temple named as Krishna Bai temple. It is believed that old Mahabaleshwar is the birth of the river of Krishna water streaming from the mouth of a cow. The Panchganga Temple is the 4,500 old temple where Krishna, Venna, Koyna, Gayatri and Savitri rivers flow through the mouth of a cow.  Krishna flows through states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh which helps to increase irrigation and economic development of these states. Krishna river has tributaries on the left side- Bhima, Peddavagu, Musi, Paleru and Munneru. On the Right side of the Krishna river Tributaries are Venna, Koyna, Ghataprabha and Malaprabha.  Its main Tributary is the Tungabhadra River which flows through Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


river INDUS

Indus is the Longest River in the country which in the history of our country. The Indus river originates from the Mansarovar Lake in the Northern slopes of the Kailash Range in Tibet. Indus River was considered to be the Right Place birthplace of the Indus Valley Civilization. India Named is originated from Indus River and flows through Ladakh, Gilgit and Baltistan.  The Indus River flows through Major cities Located on the Banks of Indus are Leh and Skardi. Total distance of the Indus River covered within India is only 1,114 Kilometres. Indus river Has left Tributaries are Zanskar River flows towards north which covers around 335 kilometres, Suru River flows through Kargil District in Ladakh covers distance of 185 kms, Soan River flows through north region of Punjab and Pakistan which covers around 155 kms, Ravi River which is located north western India and eastern Pakistan with distance of 719kms, Luni River, Panjnad River, Sutlej River. On the Right tributaries of Indus river are Shyok River, Kunar River, Kurram River, Gomal River, Hunza River, Gilgit River, Zhob River. The Indus River flows through India and Pakistan which discharge its water in the Arabian Sea.



Brahmaputra is the second longest river in India according to the history of India. Brahmaputra river originates from the Angsi Glacier near Mansarovar Lake which enters India from China which covers the distance of 2900 Kms. You can also notice River Name is Brahmaputra it is the only Male river Name in India. Brahmaputra river flows through India Named as Yarlung Tsangpo River in China. During the rainstorm season in the month of June-October, sudden floods are the normal event. In India, Total distance covered by the Brahmaputra is 916 Kms in India. Brahmaputra River touches the three countries of Tibet, India and Bangladesh and finally discharges its water in the Bay of Bengal.



Mahanadi River originates in the Raipur district of Chhattisgarh which covers a distance of 851kms in the country. Mahanadi is famous for floods which is well written in history called as “the distress of Odisha”. Mahanadi has the left tributaries are seonath, Mand and Hasedo. On the Right side of the Mahanadi are Ong, Jonk, Telen and Parry. Mahanadi River flows through Odisha and get discharge its water in the Bay of Bengal sea.


river KAVERI

Kaveri River originates at the Talakaveri Place in the Coorg District in Karnataka. Kaveri River flows through western Ghats of Brahmagiri Range of hills and is called Cauvery as Sacred River of southern India. Kaveri River covered a distance of 800kms in the Two states of Karnataka and TamilNadu. Kaveri River has left tributaries are Harangi reservoir, Hemavati, Arkavathy and Shimsha. On the Right side of the Kaveri River tributaries are Lakshmana Tritha, Kabini Amaravati river and Moyar river.

10. TAPTI 

Tapti River is the peninsular river which originated from the Satpura Ranga in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Tapti River covers the distance of 724 Kms in the country which flows towards east to west and discharges its water in the Arabian sea. It has the river Basin of Tapti extending over 65145 Sq.km. The main Tributes of the Tapti River are Purna River, Vaghur, Suki, Buray Sipna and Panzara.

river TAPTI

Here is the information about the longest and Largest and Longest river in India which provides irrigation, food supply for animals, economic development in the states of India. This River provides cultural and religious significance for India. 

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