March 22, 2023

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Best Time to Visit Hawaii – Hawaii is the United states located in the Pacific Ocean which is outside the north America. In the summer sounds like best time to travel Hawaii and climate is actually very hot and Humid. We recommended you book in the advance in the high season for the flights and Accommodation will be expensive from Mid-December to Mid-April is High. Few visitors from October to November lending the islands a tranquil feel while the ocean swells of the January to March bring the professional surfers in the search of giant waves.

You need to look after the climate conditions of the Hawaii in the dry season falls from April to October and wet season occurs from November to March. In the summer sounds like the best time to travel Hawaii and climate is actually very hot and humid. Best time to visit Hawaii is consider the weather forecast for time of the year. You need to see the check the festivals and events along with the price of accommodation and airfares at the time of the year.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Best time to visit the Hawaii is the between March and September with the least rain and highest temperatures. Hawaii perennial warm weather makes it good destination at any time of the year with pleasant temperature between 23C to 30C. Rainy season from November to March and Dry season is from April to October. Aloha state is the state home for the extra ordinary culture, pristine landscapes and idyllic beaches. Festivals and events are held throughout in the Hawaii can enjoy the researchers in the Hawaii. Want to catch the world-famous surf then best time to visit is from November to January. Humpback and whales appeal visit during November to early May. Best time to visit Oahu is from Mid-April to early June or between September and Mid-December.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii


In the summer season, you will experience the warmest islands and humidity is high. In the summer season is the weather can be stormy hot and sticky islanders call this Kona weather. First time visitor to the islands should miss lapping the sights, sounds, shopping and sunsets of the Oahu’s world-famous Waikiki beach. In the average temperature day time at the sea level is 29 degrees and cooling breeze. In the Ukulele at the Honolulu’s Annual festival celebrating the famed instrument in the July. Summer is the busiest season for families and best weather in July. It is most-visited month and temperatures are warmer in the July. Surfing can intense sometimes in the July. You can enjoy the King Kamehameha Day is celebrated across the islands on the June 11. You can experience largest attraction is celebratory parade which begins in the Downtown Honolulu and finishes at Kapi in the Olani Park in the Waikiki.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

In the Hawaii National Park, volcanoes is closed and helicopter flights circle Pahoa’s active fissure eight and eruption taking place in the remote rural region. You can also visit the Hawaii volcanoes through boat tours also operate off the island’s east cost with incredible view in the lava ocean entry point. In the Hawaii, you can experience Volcanoes National Park is currently closed. In the Hawaii festival at Waikiki, you can see the professional athletes and amateur compete in the variety of ocean sports which including the surfing, stand-up paddling, one-mile ocean swim, surfboard water polo and wounded-warrior sponsored by the outrigger hotels and resorts.


Winter rains don’t generally disrupt your holidays plans since weather is localised. In the winter is the Hawaii peak season. Hawaii is the wettest months are from November to March. You can see clear the island with rain spots and sunny to be found around the coat. In the winter season, from February- April shoulder season if whale watching and best spots to enjoy the whale watching from Lahaina and Kaanapali in Maui as they travel to island warm waters to breed.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

In the winter months, you can enjoy the incredible view from tallest mountain in the world from ocean floor called as Mauna Loa. Mountain is taller than Mount Everest at 8948 meters above sea level. You can book a personal cruise to get close with whales on Maui and shore at Kaanapali.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii – Hawaii is the best place to enjoy the winter and escape the clod and snowy winter weather on the Mainland. It is the best time for the water sports and world-famous surfing destination. You can see the vans triple crown of the surfing takes place each November and December on Oahu’s North Shore.

In the winter holidays are very expensive time of the year. Hawaii is busiest and priciest seasons to book a flight. In the Hawaii you will experience the temperature of the High at 70’s and tropical pleasure from the snow and clod back home


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