January 29, 2023
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Best Time to Visit Bali Where to go & Avoid – Weather and Temperatures

Best time to visit Bali is between April to October in the Dry season. In the Dry season, you will experience a very huge crowd in Bali. Bali experiences the Two seasons are rainy season and dry season. You will experience Bali with Humidity and Tropical climate all over year round. Bali is located exactly below the equator in the southern hemisphere and seasons are opposite those of the northern hemisphere Bali is warmer.

best time to visit bali

Bali Temperatures don’t fluctuate much throughout the year. Bali is always Busier in the tourism season. Here you find best time to visit bali can be enjoyed throughout the year. You can escape the southern Hemisphere in the winter season which is little too tempting for people, grab the inexpensive flights for Bali. In the Mid-season month, you will receive the promotions, discounts offered, cheap room prices, water sport activities such as surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling and cheap flights in the October month.


In Bali Weather Temperatures Don’t change frequently, always humidity in the wind. These are Maximum and Minimum Temperatures along with Rainfall in the season. You can easily understand in the Temperatures Don’t change in the season which is the main reason attracted by the Many Tourists.    

Month  Max.Temp Min.Temp  Rainfall days  Season 
January  30 22 18 Wet
February  32 22 18 Wet
March  31 23 17 Wet
April  30 22 10 Wet
May  31 22 9 Dry
June  30 23 7 Dry 
July  29 23 7 Dry
August  30 22 6 Dry
September 30 22 5 Dry
October 30 23 4 Wet
November 31 22 10 Wet
December  31 22 12 Wet

In Bali we have only Two seasons: Dry Season and Wet season. Dry Season is between May to September and Wet season is from October to April. You can observe the monsoon in the wind not the Rain. In the Tropical region, you will feel like paradise and sunny for a good part of the day.


January is not Right month to travel for Bali which usually rain comes in the Late afternoon or through night and lasts for 5 to 30 Minutes. In the month of January, you will experience More Humidity and Rain in the evening and sudden floods sometimes. You can observe the Average temperature 30C and Average Rainfall 340mm. You can visit the Bali waterfalls to the fullest which is best during the wet season. You can visit the natural hot water springs, a great place to enjoy relaxing soak. 


February is hot and humid in the year which repeats as January. February is the wet month because of its rainy season. February is the cheapest month to travel for Bali. You will get slightly less Rain in this month. In the heat & humidity which cause frequent bursts of rain come forcefully. You can see the biggest cleaning event in February each year. In the Rainy season, you will see garbage flow into the sea and beach. 


March is the wet season with plenty of sunshine hitting the beach. You can observe the sunshine and slowly move from the rainy season to summer season. You can observe the Average Max temperature: 30C and Average Rainfall: 210mm. You can see the busiest and crowded beaches in Bali this Month. Beaches and business are closed down for the Day of Silence to celebrate the Hindu new year. March is the best time to visit Bali to experience the green land, rich forests of these lands and rice fields.  


In the Month of April, the Rainy season is pretty Much gone and Temperatures Started Rising. The Island starts life again and the dry season just started. You can see the less Humidity in the Air and chance decrease as the month goes on warmer days. April is the best month to go snorkelling and diving.

time to visit in bali


May is the best time to visit and the driest period of the year. Wet season is going to end at the end of the Month and sunshine has increased by nine hours, rainfall slightly decreased and beautiful beaches are welcoming in Bali. You will have the average Max temp: 29C and Average Rainfall: 80mm. in the month of May is the great time to travel to Bali which is steadily improving and without massive crowds on the island. 


June is the best month to travel and crowds start to pick up this month which is also the first month of the winter in the southern hemisphere. In the month of June, Temperatures continue to drop at the edge of the season. Rainfall is slightly fewer than other seasons and humidity is at 75%. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery, water sports and diving in Bali are good in the month of June. You will see the calmer seas and better visibility in Bali.  


You need to Book the early accommodation in the month from the Mid-July month onwards. This month has a huge crowd and prime time for tourists. In Bali island, you will celebrate the kite festival as the annual celebration of the cultural icons of the island. In the month of June, Temperature Ranges from 27C to 30C and Rainfall 7mm. In Bali you will see the sunshine and no rain though it is fairly humid in the Air. 


In the month of August, you will celebrate the independence of Indonesia on August 17 and most crowded in this month. You can see the average temperature 29C and rainfall 7mm. you need to book the hotel before one month for better accommodation. This favourite destination for the most travellers in the domestic flights this month.  


September is the best time to visit Bali and dry season lows in the August. September is the driest month of the year in Bali. In the month of Bali, you can see the Average Max Temperature with 29C and Rainfall: 40mm. you can see the lesser crowd in the month of September than august. You can visit the destinations like Amed and pemuteran places to see in this month.

waterfalls in the bali


October is the wet season which increases the Humidity in the air. October brings the rainfall back to Bali which brings an average of 10 days of rain throughout this month feeds the rivers and jungles of the island. October has a smaller crowd during this month. You can book hotel rooms cheaper than in the low season.  


November is the second wet month in the season. November has a short Rainfall and intense bursts followed by sunny skies.  You will get a cheaper hotel room this month. November is the quiet month in Bali. In the month of November, you will see the diving, Trekking, swimming and beaches are toughest to beat during the November.  


Bali is the most crowded place in the month of December because of the month of holidays and Christmas. Prices of the hotel and restaurants are hiked in December. Rainfall won’t last forever in Bali. People come to Bali to celebrate the New year on the island.  


Things you need to consider to Pack & carry while travelling to Bali. You need to have a few accessories for the holiday. 

  1. Carry the Windproof umbrella for varying Rainfall conditions. 
  2. You need to carry the Light weight Rain jacket. 
  3. Carry the Flip Flop for the Walk on the beach, Hiking or walking. 
  4. Carry the Waterproof phone and camera covers 
  5. Sunscreen for Beach, humid beach trips. 


Here are the Places to avoid in Bali in the Wettest month of the season. You can see the Rainfall in the Island may cause wet, dirty, muddy, flow of garbage into the sea. Here are the activities to avoid places due to weather conditions in the Wet season. 

  1. Extreme Water Sports 
  2.  Waterfalls 
  3. Temples
  4. Biking  
  5. Hiking & Trekking 

Bali has Two seasons from April to October is the dry season which has less rainfall. Secondly the wet season from November to April with higher rainfall and more humidity in the Wind. We have gone through months analysing the seasons with temperatures. Best time to visit Bali from April to October.

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