January 31, 2023


Andaman is the best place to enjoy the beach tourist destination in India. Andaman is an island enjoys tropical climate and temperatures are minimal to stay pleasant throughout the year. Best time to visit Andaman is between October to April is the best time to enjoy the perfect sightseeing, beaches, Aquatic life and water sports. Monsoons are not always recommended because of high tidal waves, incessant rains and strong winds in July to September.    

Andaman has only two seasons: Summer and Monsoon. In the Andaman Islands, you can stay in the normal climates in the winter season with normal temperatures. You can spend your time pleasant and humid with a good sea breeze for tourists to chill out. In the summer, you can see blue clear skies and experience aquatic life, sands of the beaches. People can choose the destination for the couples for their honeymoon and friends enjoy it well. Andaman Islands is the perfect place to enjoy the beverage and sit back on the shacks watching the tides. 


In the summer, Andaman is the most desired destination for honeymoon by couples and friend’s excursion to explore the beaches, water sports, surfing, scuba diving, paragliding, snorkelling, Banana ride and aquatic life in the low water tides. Temperatures during summers range from 23°c – 38°c and enjoy the leisure activities by taking a stroll along the shoreline, refreshing drinks in the white sand beach, taking a long message for evening on the Island. You can spend the summer with beautiful attractions and budget hotels.   

In the Andaman Islands, temperature rises from the October to April and humidity starts to rise making it a bit hot and humid. Temperature remains close above 33 Celsius and a lot of adventure sports activities and bearable climate plus. You can avoid the crowd season by planning early in October month and visit from the Andaman Islands from October to April. 

In the Andaman Islands, Rain Arrive in Andaman in the May. With the Arrival of rain, Andaman Islands adventure sports activities stop activate and avoid travelling to Andaman in the May while planning for tourism purpose. Andaman Beach festival is celebrating every year in the April. In the November month, crowds start raising and the sunburn festival is celebrated. 


Best Time to visit the Andaman Islands is during the winters the temperatures range between 22°c – 32°c stay mild and pleasant throughout. Winter season stays from October to December and Island is packed with many tourists, resorts and beaches will celebrate with various beach activities like boat rides, beach volleyball, jet skiing and speed boating. Winter is the best season to visit its many wildlife attractions like Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Mount Harriet National Park and Belle island wildlife Sanctuary. Temperature remains the same in December & January in the Andaman island. The best places to visit in India in the winter prefer beaches and warm weather over snow.  

Andaman travelling through Air is the best option. you can direct fly from the various major cities with the airlines. In the Winter season Shopping, Sunburn festival, water sports, Beaches, national Park and Islands are opened to experience and crowds started raising from the October and stay peak in the November month.    



Andaman receives moderate rainfall in July and lasts upto September. Monsoon is not the right time to visit the islands with the annual rainfall exceeding between 100 to 200mm. Andaman Islands experience big sea waves and heavy rainfalls during the Monsoon season. Travellers face difficulty in traveling in the sea and flights can be delayed for several hours. Travellers need to wait for long hours to get transport on the island. You can stay in the hotel rooms and enjoy the cool breeze and indoor activities.   


Here is the monthly report about the climate conditions of the weather and Rain. You can see the complete details about the climate conditions of the Andaman Islands.  

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 22° 0 days
February 31°/ 22° 0 days
March 30°/ 23° 0 days
April 33°/ 26° 10 days
May 33°/ 28° 22 days
June 31°/ 27° 28 days
July 30°/ 25° 25 days
August 28°/ 26° 28 days
September 28°/ 27° 26 days
October 30°/ 27° 20 days
November 31°/ 27° 12 days
December 31°/ 25° 0 days



Here are the best places to visit in the Andaman Islands of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea. You can spend time in the water sports, recreation centers, aquatic life in the Low tide beaches, adventures trekking in forest of islands, a getaway in Andaman and Nicobar Islands that make your holiday definitely memorable. Here is the list of places to visit in the Andaman Islands are mentioned below. 

  1. Havelock 
  2. Vijay nagar Beach 
  3. Sea walking 
  4. Neil & Ross Island 
  5. Kayaking 
  6. Snorkelling 
  7. Scuba Diving 
  8. Radhanagar beach 
  9. Elephant beach 

The Best Time to visit the Andaman Islands is complete based on the season in the Andaman all round the year. You can explore the Andaman island in every season. Andaman is famous for the blue-green water, beauty and calmness for tourists. Most tourists preferred to travel in the month of October till may.

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